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  1. I’m trying to comment on your writing and I see no way!

    There’s no like, share, or comment button…if so, where is it?

    Thanks for the great writing!

    1. Hey See True Self

      You should find that at the bottom of each article there are a bunch of buttons for sharing on FB etc, and liking, and a big ‘Leave a reply’ box like the one on this page. Maybe try refreshing the page.. If they’re not loading for whatever reason, shoot me an email, I’d love to hear your views!

      And thanks for the nice words!

  2. Daffodil Hermes · · Reply

    Hi Secret Shade- loving your article. I am researching Community resilience currently in NYC so your article about community curing our fear of the future is particulary resonating with me. I wanted to blog on community around the world as I live in an intentional community in London (normally) and know many people through the global ecovillage network all with different takes of the role of community in the endevor to lift our individual and collective consciousness. I wonder if u r also involved in working in this area and in which country you are based?

    1. Many thanks Daffodil, I’ve sent you an email.

  3. Hi

    I am going to mt first ayuasca experience in Peru in january. I am Brazilian and I could just as well have done that in Brazil but I would like this to be a retreat in the Amazonas with local shamans.

    I am afraid of what is waiting for me but perhaps more afraid of not going. I wouls love to know more about your experiences. I loved your writing.



    1. Hi Juliana
      Thanks for this, I’ve sent you an email.
      Best, Secret Shade

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