All The Wisdom You Need Lies Within

All the wisdom you need lies within. When we create the right conditions we connect with a higher knowledge that furnishes us with all the teachings we need to be whole.

For me, tools for creating the right conditions have included meditation, ayahuasca, talking honestly and authentically with people I trust, magic mushrooms, travel, being in nature and more. There are many ways in which we can make contact with Truth – find ones which work for you. It may not always feel like it, but you already know everything you need to know.

There may be many great teachers who can help us immeasurably on the path, but all the wisdom you need lies within.



  1. Gerry Proctor · · Reply

    A wise and welcome birth day meditation! Thank you!

  2. I feel the same. Maybe it’s the wisdom life has accumulated on earth over millions and billions of years. Or maybe that the universe has accumulated over it’s whole lifespan. Whatever the source, there’s a deep well of wisdom inside ourselves we can drink from – if we can find our way to it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I think that we just need to open ourselves to the Universe which is keeping all the wisdom and knowledge. If you are open you are connected to this. Or we have everything inside since the beginning but need to raise it up, get connected to it.

  4. […] Let’s face it, at first it’s kinda weird to lie naked in a completely enclosed miniature Dead Sea for an hour or two, and as with meditation, there can be periods of slight discomfort; the mind may not be quite able to settle or relax, or to understand the experience. The unusual environment can sometimes trigger disorientation and momentary confusion. Where am I? Who am I? …the play of the the mental realm. But these tricky moments often take place against the backdrop of a pristine and unblemished field of awareness. Like a lone cloud in an otherwise unbroken blue sky, they offer a glimpse of the temporal and illusory nature of our thoughts. […]

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