Monthly Archives: March 2013

Zen and the Art of Freediving

As part of enacting my life philosophy of trying as much as possible, engaging in exploration, and pushing the limits of what I’m comfortable with, towards the end of 2012 I spent two idyllic months on the tropical island of Gili Trawangan in Indonesia. ‘Hang on’, you might be thinking… Admittedly this in itself does […]

Is It Too Risky to Fall in Love?

Falling in love is like being high as a kite for days or weeks on end. In fact in this way you could say being with the one you love is a bit like smoking crack, and just as addictive. In love, we long for each other when we are apart and gain immeasurable pleasure […]

I Drink Therefore I Am?: Grappling With Alcohol and Mindful Living

Alcohol. That most delicious, horrid, elixir, poison, potion of passion, liquid of love, brew of bliss and drink of depression. How to relate to this curious drug? It depends who you ask – I know some people extremely averse to drinking while others would say you’d be crazy not to, though I’m fairly sure the […]

You Don’t Have to Stop Your Thoughts to Meditate: 5 Tips for Rookie Meditators

I speak to a lot of people who express an interest in meditation and have tried it out for themselves briefly before giving up. And so often I hear exactly the same words: ‘Meditation is so difficult, I just can’t stop my thoughts!’ It seems that many people have tried it once, been barraged and […]

Green Smoothie Love

In the last couple of years I have developed what you might call an obsession with green smoothies. I am lost without my daily dose of this luscious, nutritious green liquid which so satisfies my taste buds and my body’s demands for minerals and nutrients. Once you start drinking green smoothies there is no turning […]